What Are Cytochrome Oxidase Blobs?

Cytochrome oxidase is an enzyme that is found in all cells of the body with the exception of bone and hair cells. However, areas in the visual cortex that are rich with cytoch (MORE)

What Is an Ocular Dominance Column?

At both the level of the thalamus, where visual neurons make contact with the lateral geniculate nucleus, and in primary visual cortex, input from the two eyes is processed in (MORE)

What Is an Orientation Column?

Sixty years ago, Mountcastle first described a cortical column, which he described as a structure spanning the cortex that contains cells that respond to a single type of info (MORE)

What Is a Ganglion Receptive Field?

The processing of many aspects of sensory information is dependent on a type of organization known as a "receptive field." Unfortunately, the concept of a receptive field is o (MORE)