What Is the Affect Heuristic?

Have you ever made a decision based on an emotional or "gut" feeling instead of cold, hard logic? If so, you may have been using the affect heuristic. This cognitive short-cut (MORE)

What Is Taste Aversion?

Can you think of a food that you find absolutely revolting because you were sick after you ate it? If so, you probably have a taste aversion. Taste aversion refers to a learne (MORE)
In History

Who Was Little Albert?

One of the classic studies in psychology was the conditioned fear research conducted by John Watson and Rosalie Raynor in 1919 featuring the famous infant "Little Albert." In (MORE)

Patient S.M.--The Woman Without Fear

Patient S.M. has a rare condition that has destroyed the amygdala on each side of her brain. These images compare the amygdala (circled in red) in a healthy person (on the lef (MORE)